How efficient is your business?

Welcome to your Business Optimization Questionaire

By completing the short questionnaire below,  you are given the opportunity to evaluate your business free of charge.  Before completing the questionnaire please provide us with the basic generic information

Have you recently (1 year) done a S.W.O.T analysis on your business?
Have you done a risk analysis on your business in the last 12 months?
Do you have a documented vision for your business?
Do you have a documented business plan?
Have you identified what makes you unique and why customers would prefer to do business with you?
Are you currently busy with/planning to increase your market share?
Do you know your break-even point and how to manage it?
Do you manage your cash flow on a regular basis?
Are you satisfied that your customer interaction produces the expected results to ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty towards your business?
Do you have an implemented quality enhancement strategy for the business?
Do you have proven systems in place to measure losses in your operations?
Have you identified the 20% team players in whom you should invest 80% of your time and money, for future optimized business performance?
Can you measure whether your core personnel are effective in their core functions for more than 80% of their time, spent at work?
Do the level of leadership/management in your business allow you to work more ON your business than IN your business?
Do you think that your work force are happy and motivated?

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